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Delivering Weekly Video Content

Want to add video to your B2B marketing without having to do video? No problem!!

With YourCast, we'll create a regular live-stream video show that puts your team and subject matter experts (SMEs) in the foreground. Nothing beats hearing your people explain what they do, how they help customers and clients, and why they do it. And, if they're up for it, you can invite your customers to join the show, too!

While video seems complex, it actually isn't. It's the most potent form of marketing content you can create and easy to repurpose. All you need is a laptop, a reasonable webcam, and a decent microphone, and you're ready to go. You concentrate on delivering your knowledge and expertise, and I do the rest!

So, how does it work?


Concept Creation

We examine your field of expertise and develop an interview-style show format based on topics your clients and customers consider important.

Questions for your experts are prepared in advance so they are ready for each episode.


Show Time

Using StreamYard for live shows, we can stream your show to your website and your chosen social media channels (LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) at a time and day that best suits you.

Alternatively, for higher quality, we can prerecord the shows in our studio or a location of your choosing.

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This is where the magic happens. With the interview in the bag, the valuable SME insights can be turned into social media video shorts with text posts that drive more traffic to the recording of your show.


More Juice Please!

Finally, we squeeze as much content as possible from each episode. The transcript can be used to create blog posts, trade articles, white papers, LinkedIn articles, and and audio podcast - whatever you need to bolster your content marketing strategy.

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Juicy Enough?

Want to know more? Get in touch and we'll guide you on how to get YourCast up and running!

Thanks for submitting!


1 / What YourCast options are there?

There are three YourCast packages:

  • YourCast Livestream - streams live to your website and social media.

  • YourCast Studio - six prerecorded episodes over two days in our studio in Munich, Germany.

  • YourCast On-Site - six prerecorded episodes at a location of your choosing

2 / Can I generate leads?

Yes, YourCast Livestream offers a registration capability using StreamYard, which allows you to collect leads. Alternatively, we can link you with our media partners who provide lead-generation packages.

3 / What's the advantage of a livestream?


A live audience allows us to address audience questions and gives you more ideas about their challenges. This is then used to plan new episodes and marketing content. Prerecorded shows can offer similar audience interaction by using the chat function during a YouTube premiere.

4 / Can we just host the show on our website?

That's a great idea. There is nothing better than having potential customers and clients exploring your website. For the techies: you can add an iframe link to your page.

However, there is no extra effort associated with streaming on LinkedIn Live as well, where around 180 million business users are lurking. Live streaming should be possible as long as you have more than 150 followers on your company page.

5 / Is this just a type of webinar?

Absolutely not! Viewers are tired of a voice hiding behind PowerPoint slides. They want to see people and join in the discussion. It makes sense to include visuals where appropriate, but the format should be convivial and offer participation.

6 / Can we upload a recorded show to LinkedIn?

Not really. LinkedIn limits video uploads to fifteen minutes, and your show really needs to be at least twenty to thirty minutes for optimal impact. It's better to use LinkedIn Live to share the full version of your show and then create video shorts (30 - 60 seconds) that you post to your company page in the weeks that follow.

7 / Geht's auch auf Deutsch?

Natürlich! Wenn sich euer Kundenstamm hauptsächlich in der DACH-Region befindet, können wir nur auf Deutsch drehen. Oder, wenn ihr wollt, können wir jede Folge zweimal machen, einmal auf Deutsch und einmal auf Englisch. Ihr habt die Wahl!

8 / Can you help us to do it ourselves?

Of course! Once we've created your show, we can search for some presenting talent within your team or find a B2B influencer host in your field so that you can run the shows yourself.

9 / How about just an audio podcast?

People like seeing people, so live video is the best choice. If you plan it correctly, you can turn each episode into an audio podcast. To start a podcast, you'll need three recorded shows before you can launch, which could be three months of live shows, time that your material could already be working for you.

10 / What's the minimum number of shows you recommend?

All content marketing takes time, and video shows are the same. The key is consistency. You need to commit to creating a minimum of one episode per month for six months.

11 / What's the best day and time for our show?

It's best to explore the best time and day with existing clients. What works well is a 30-minute show that can be watched over lunch or during a coffee break. If it's compelling enough and delivers valuable insights, people will take the time to watch.

12 / Can you help me promote the show?

Sure! If the topic aligns with my social media presence, The Electronics Reporter, we can collaborate there. Otherwise, I have media partnerships with Elektor, AspenCore, and others that can help you rapidly build your audience in appropriate markets.

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