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Technical Content Creation

Always have something to say in your B2B marketing campaigns

Technical Content Creation

Blog post needed? Deadline for a trade article looming? Want to offer your customers an ebook? No problem! 

Following a formal briefing process with your subject matter experts, I'll create a document structure for you to sign off on before creating the required material.

If you'd like to chat about something you'd like written, or would like to see some examples of my writing, get in touch.


Check out the type of content I regularly publish for other clients:

Mouser - EIU Magazine, Talking Test

This monthly contribution to Mouser's Electronics Information Update (EIU) magazine introduces test and measurement equipment. Engineers enjoy learning more than the product specification offers and how they can integrate the tools into test automation systems.

Elektor - Regular Contributor

Content ranges from hands-on, technical explainers on implementing machine learning (ML) on an Arduino to overviews of technology trends, such as cellular for IoT and the growth of new programming languages, such as Rust.

Elektor - Editorial Video

Elektor Engineering Insights brings the engineers who make products a reality center stage. In a convivial manner, complex topics are brought to life, guiding the community to technical solutions that have been proven by others to work. After all, we all stand on the shoulders of giants.


For those wanting to stay informed about newly released semiconductors, platforms, and books, the monthly show Elektor News Bytes is worth watching. Stuart gathers the most interesting press releases and share them with the Elektor audience on YouTube and as an audio podcast on Spotify.

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