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Technical Content Creation

For B2B Businesses


Struggling to get content out of your team for your marketing activities? No problem! I help get the technical details out of your subject matter experts that supports the creation of trade articles, white papers, blog posts, and e-books. And, if you're looking at getting into video, we can create your own video live stream, audio podcast, and social media shorts to promote it all.

With decades of working as an engineer in the electronics and semiconductor industry supporting customers, I can quickly understand your products and services and develop compelling prose that attracts the people you'd like to talk to.


Technical Content Creation

Struggling to get your B2B content marketing to make an impact? Find out how I can help, from articles and website texts to social media posts.

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Technical Copywriting

Need trade articles that make an impact, or blog posts that visitors stop to read. Together with your subject matter experts, we'll get your content back on track.

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B2B Marketing for One

Want to implement the tools of successful B2B marketing yourself? Or want to prepare your startup so that a full-time employee has a functional, working marketing strategy to build upon.


Cording Consulting, Klausenburgerstr. 9,

Haus A, Büro 2.36, 81677 Munich, Germany

+49 (0) 157 34 73 86 80

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