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Stuart Cording - Technical Markteting Consultant

Stuart Cording


Technical Marketing Consulting

Supporting Your B2B Technical Marketing Strategy

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Reaching out to engineering professionals in a B2B environment is a challenging task. This discerning audience has high expectations of their suppliers, requiring in-depth content that shows their needs are understood. But it also needs to provide clear answers to their technical queries. Connecting with them takes time and demands planning, something that Cording Consulting can provide support with.


There is a bridge between engineering and marketing. I will meet you there and regale you with stories...

Stuart Cording

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Technical Marketing Consultation

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, and one that never ends. You can only hope to achieve intermediate goals while spinning plates to keep the broader branding strategy on track. Regardless of business size, there are a range of approaches that work for all, but the skill is in adapting them to the size of the business and selecting the optimal tools to keep the workload manageable. If you're looking for help, from a strategy review to regular support, get in touch.

Business Meeting

Content Creation

Most organisations are simply brimming with stories, cases studies, and ideas, but with everyone so busy in customer-facing roles, there is little time to put pen to paper. With an engineering background, specifically around electronics, semiconductors, and industry, I am well placed to tease out the critical details from key stakeholders, turning them into anything from a white paper or article to a blog or LinkedIn post. For more information, drop me a line.

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Munich, Germany

Mobile: +49 (0) 157 34 73 86 80

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